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Dear Candidate

Euroguarco is a diversified company that can offer challenging job opportunities in various sectors.

We constantly search people to join us, either graduate or under-graduate, for manufacturing, technical, commercial and accounting positions.

Soft skills such as flexibility, enthusiasm, determination and teamwork propension, are particularly appreciated in our company.

We valorize diversity and we recognize the contribution that different cultures and working experiences may give to us all.

We proudly vant a high percentage of women in the organization, yet we recognize the participation indipendently by men and women at all levels, to achieve levels of excellence.

In October 2023, Euroguarco obtained an excellent result from a Corporate Climate Analysis conducted by an external certified consultant using the methodology of SurveyMonkey application through an anonymous questionnaire in full autonomy and confidentiality, consisting of 68 multiple-choice questions with responses done by the software on 10 sections.

The consultant reported the climate analysis conducted in Euroguarco was one of the best, if not the best, ever found.

You are very welcome to experience the corporate climate with us!

Write to: hr@euroguarco.com

Open job positions:

  • Iscriz. Reg. Imprese CCIAA
    Riviere di Liguria n. 00933640112
  • P.IVA 00933640112
  • Cap. Soc. euro 1.350.000,00 i.v.
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