"Estela de Luz" Project

The monument celebrating the bicentennial of Mexican independence.

"Estela de Luz” is a lighted tower that is located in the area of the Bosque de Chapultepec, in the heart of Mexico City.

117 meters high, of which 104 meters are above ground, the tower consists of eight stainless steel columns.

The columns, each 910mm in diameter, will be placed in two parallel lines of four columns each, on the surface of which 1704 panels of transparent quartz will be mounted.

The entire structure is equipped with the most modern anti-seismic and wind resistance systems.

The panels will be illuminated by a complex led system designed that will create spectacular and suggestive effects.


Photo galleries & Videos:

- Sept-Dec 2011: work in progress
- Dec 19th, 2011: Tuned Mass Dampers
- Dec 20th, 2011: the last panel
- Jan 7th, 2012: the inauguration