Know-how and production capacity
  • Development of small EPC plants for complete oil production plants
  • Process packages
  • Gas Dehydration Packages and associated regeneration systems (glycol and molecular sieves)
  • Oil Treatment Trains
  • Gas Sweetening Packages
  • Fuel Gas Packages / Scrubber
  • Slug Catcher finger type
  • Desalter
  • Short Pipeline
  • Metering Stations
  • Helical Coil
  • Gas/Oil Tanker Jetty
  • Condenser
  • Manifolds, all types
  • Chemical Systems
  • Oil & Gas Filtration and Separation Packages and Systems
  • Instrumentation packages
  • Oil & Gas Fiscal Metering Systems
  • Well Head Control Panels
  • Prefabricated Cabins (local control room, analyzing shelter etc.)
  • Pressure vessels according to ASME/PED standards, up to 100mm thickness, in any material.
  • Pig Traps for Launch and Reception
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers in various materials and sizes
  • Other equipment such as Indirect Heaters, Dehydration Plants, Water makers, Biphasic and Three-Phase Separators, Chemicals Dosing Unit Packages and Special Tools

Analysis of finished elements

The FEM calculation group can develop static analysis (linear and non-linear) and dynamic vibration analysis. We perform modal analysis, harmonic analysis, thermal and thermo-mechanical analysis on rotating machines and any other industrial product. The team is specialized in CAE Software Automation both from the FEM point of view (Ansys software, APDL language), and from the point of view of 3D modeling and implementation (NX software, Java, C ++, C # languages). For these activities we can provide a fully integrated tool with a graphical control interface, giving advantages in terms of time reduction and limitation of human error.

Mechanical precision design

We can develop feasibility studies, design, cost reduction activities, industrialization of mechanical products, surveys and experiments in the prototype phase. With the help of 3D software, the basic design is realized up to the detail of all the construction drawings for workshop.


Euroguarco / Italplant Group companies cover most of the certifications required for pressure vessel, valves, piping and equipment manufacturing processes: ISO 9001 for the design and construction of boilers, vessels, heat exchangers, desalters, cycles for the production of energy, industrial plants, metal structures and tank containers as well as fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolts & nuts; API 6D for ball valves; BS OHSAS 18001 for safety and health in the workplace; “CE” PED business sectors; ASME U-Stamp, S-Stamp and R-Stamp; registration with the National Board and accredited by I.R.C.A.

Production units

Manufacturing and plant design activity are carried out in the following workshops:

Head Office: Via Terralba, 9 – Arcola (SP) – Italy
Operation, Engineering, Procurement, Expediting

Branch A: Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 6 – Ticengo (CR) – Italy
Vessels & Package Prefabrication and Production Plant

Branch B: Localita’ Vignola, 10 – Moscazzano (CR) – Italy
Engineering, Vessels & Package Prefabrication and Production Plant

Via D. Federici, 14/18 – Cisterna di Latina (LT) – Italy
Pressure Vessels U-Stamp, U1-Stamp and Production Plant

VIA IV Novembre, 1 – Castelverde (CR) Italy
Pressure Vessels U-Stamp, R-Stamp and Production Plant

Main facilities and equipment

Euroguarco Group currently employs over 120 people including managers, engineers, technicians, administrative employees and workers; those in charge of engineering activities and production have an average working experience of 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry.

Main facilities and equipment for pressure vessel and skid unit activities:

  • 40,000 m2 of covered area
  • 100,000 m2 of open yard
  • 2 CNC-CAD CAM oxy-cutting machines
  • 4 plate bending rollers 80 mm x 3 m
  • 2 inclinable rotating machines up to 50 t
  • 20 pairs of positioners up to 200 t
  • 7 submerged arc welding machines
  • 22 gas tungsten arc welding/shielded metal arc welding machines
  • 12 gas metal arc welding machines
  • 30 shield gas metal arc welding machines
  • 2 automatic rotating heads
  • 8 motorized trolleys for submerged arc welding
  • 13 CNC drills
  • 4 CNC vertical lathes
  • 10 CNC horizontal lathes
  • 1 furnace for PWHT up to 800°C
  • 2 automatic cladding machines
  • Euroguarco S.p.A.
  • Via Terralba Loc. Pietralba
  • 19021 Arcola (La Spezia), Italy
  • Tel. (+39) 0187 562611
  • Fax (+39) 0187 562955
  • DUNS Number 446434458
  • Iscriz. Reg. Imprese CCIAA
    Riviere di Liguria n. 00933640112
  • P.IVA 00933640112
  • Cap. Soc. euro 1.350.000,00 i.v.
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