Flanges, fittings, bolts and nuts
  • Flanges types:
    • Blind, socket welding, slip-on, lap joint, screwed and welding neck type.
    • Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys
    • Conforming to standards ASME, ANSI B16.5 – B16.47 A/B, MSS-SP-44, API 605, BS 1560, BS 10, BS 3293, API 6A, ISO 7005.
    • Sizes from 1/2” to 60”
  • Butt weld pipe fittings, seamless and welded:
    • LR or SR 45° elbows, LR or SR 90° elbows, LR or SR 180° return bends, equal tees, caps, reduction tees, concentric reducers, eccentric reducers.
    • Conforming to standards: ANSI B16.9 – B16.25 – B16.28, MSS- SP-75.
    • Materials: carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys.
  • Forged fittings, threaded and socket-weld fittings:
    • Elbows, tees, caps, hex. head plugs, crosses, straight couplings, half couplings, reducing couplings, hex. shoulder nipples, reducing hex. shoulder nipples, straight nipples, swage nipples, M/F reducing bushings, street elbows, unions.
    • Conforming to standards: ANSI B16.11 – B36.10 – BS 3799, MSS-SP83
  • Self-reinforcing branch outlets (O’Lets):
    • Threadolet, sockolet, weldolet and flanged outlets.
    • Codes: ASME B31.1 – B31.3 – B31.4 – B31.8
    • Conforming to standards: ANSI B16.11 – B36.10 – BS 3799, MSS-SP-83
  • Bolts and nuts

Quality Control & Testing

Euroguarco can satisfy most testing requirements, whether in-house or by external qualified laboratories:

  • Chemical analysis and mechanical tensile test of the materials:
    • Hardness survey
    • Impact test
  • Visual and dimensional examinations:
    • Hydraulic test
    • UT of welds
    • Radiographic Examination (RT)
    • Liquid Penetration (LP) on machine-finished welding ends per ANSI B16.34, Annex D
    • Inspection of coated and painted surfaces
    • Magnetic Particle (MP)
    • Any other NDE on request
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