Insulation and Interiors / Air Ducts

We design and manufacture customtailored, ready-to-install light-weight Air Duct Systems and Air-Distribution Boxes.

Sophisticated molding technology and advanced manufacturing and assembling techniques enable us to carry out even the most demanding geometrical constructions.

Airflow efficiency is optimized by means of integrating air baffles, horns and connectors, and all necessary components needed for a seamless integration at system level.

Due to the very low thermal conductivity of foam composite materials, further insulation can be reduced or even totally avoided.

Consequently, solutions implemented with our technology ensure a wider available inner cross section for the same external dimension, resulting in further savings of cost and space.

Furthermore, the reduced air speed and the material’s intrinsic low acoustic impedance minimize spurious noise and vibration levels, with unparalleled results in terms of overall passengers’ comfort.

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