Pressure vessel & unit skid

Engineering and Fabrication of Process Skid Packages

As a new successful business line, since 2008 Euroguarco has taken on board experienced engineers from other companies and tied up links with partner-firms to develop the engineering and fabrication of pressure vessels and unit skids, designed in accordance to ASME VIII (with ASME U stamp), API, PED, TEMA and GOST standards.

To date Euroguarco performed many outstanding jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Pig Launcher & Receiver
  • Slug Catcher finger type
  • Desalter
  • Fuel Gas Scrubber
  • Blow Down Receiver Vessel
  • Vessel Drain Pit
  • Containerized Chemical Injection Unit
  • Condenser
  • 8-Column Duplex Steel Tower (104m high)
  • Air Cooling System
  • Heat Exchanger Package
  • Helical Coil
  • Short Pipeline
  • Metering Station
  • Gas Manifold Skid
  • Three-phase Separator
  • Test Separator Skid
  • Gas/Oil Tanker Jetty
  • Insulation cut-on-design for piping and pressure vessel
  • LPG storage and distribution system
  • LPG filling station
  • Euroguarco Process Skid Packages
    Euroguarco Process Skid Packages
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